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Chinatown Service Center - Community Health Center (Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health)

華埠社區醫療中心現已於阿罕布拉及蒙特利公園市分別開設一個全新牙科診所,專為聖蓋博市居民提供鄰近的一站式優質醫療服務,阿市位處於320 S. Garfield Ave., Suite 118, Alhambra。蒙市位處於850 S. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 303, Monterey Park。

與此同時,華埠服務中心致力為移民及社區人士提供優質服務與申辯,提高平等機會以改善他們的生活質素。華埠服務中心於1971年創辦,是服務美國加州大洛杉磯縣華人社區歷史最悠久,最具規模的社會服務及社區醫療機構。中心目前更擴充各項服務外展至南加州缺少關注的弱勢社群及少數族裔,以提昇他們的生活質素。華埠為您提供一站式服務從一般性的社會服務(包括:長者支持計劃、照顧親人者支持計劃、免費報税服務) ,社區經濟發展(包括: 廉租屋苑、個人理財服務、以及小型商業輔導服務) ,青少年中心專為指導青少年的發展及成長(包括:閱讀計劃、領袖訓練、升學預備、理財講座等服務) 還有聯邦核准的社區醫療中心及牙科診所,專為低收入家庭提供一系列的低收費醫療包括定期的身體檢查及全科牙齒護理; 本中心更是法庭認可提供情緒管理和家庭暴力施虐者課程的法定機構,提供低費和保密的心理輔導及教育。

CSC - Community Health Center @ San Gabriel Valley 

GRAND OPENING ~ CSC Alhambra & Monterey Park Dental Clinics 

Chinatown Service Center – Founded in 1971, Chinatown Service Center (CSC) is the oldest and largest community health and social services organization serving the Greater Los Angeles community. Today, CSC has expanded our services and outreach to provide a variety of services to the underserved and disadvantaged immigrants and minorities in Southern California for the betterment of their quality of life. CSC provides medical, dental, behavioral health services, social services, child development, youth center, senior services and affordable housing services. CSC’s mission is to provide outstanding services and advocacy that promotes a better quality of life and equal opportunity to immigrants and other communities. To learn more, please visit us at or call 213-808-1700 for assistance!

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7 days
Free Asthma Workshop 免費哮喘講座 @ 9/26
What's Asthma? Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. Learn how to control your asthma with CSC at (213) 808-1792
20 days
Dragonfly Key Chain Art & Craft Workshop (Free) 免費蜻蜓鑰匙扣手工製作坊
Join with CSC to make your own Free Dragonfly Keychain @ 9/23
30 days
Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages (TEAM) 多種語言電訊教育輔助計劃 @ CSC - (213) 808-1700
Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages


TEAM計劃提供電訊教育及申訴輔助予消費者。華埠服務中心職員會指導消費者閱讀電話單、防止及舉報電話服務被偷轉、避免逾期罰款、提示購買手提電話服務須知、指 引申訴的途徑, 亦協助消費者瞭解為低收入家庭而設的加州普濟電話及其他優惠計劃。

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30 days
Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electricity Services (CHANGES) 能源認知服務計劃 @ CSC - (213) 808-1700
Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electricity Services (CHANGES)
能源認知服務計劃 能源認知服務計劃(CHANGES)是由加州公共事業委員會(CPUC)資助,而華埠服務中心是該計劃的合作伙伴。

CHANGES計劃致力協助消費者處理有關南加州煤氣公司或愛廸生電力公司之賬單問題。華埠服務中心職員樂意替 消費者聯絡南加州煤氣公司及愛迪生電力公司;提供折扣計劃、節省能源及安全使用的資料,也幫忙消費者申請能源補助,解釋賬單項目並協助申訴。

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about 1 month
Community Volunteers Information Workshop (Free) 免費志願者信息研討會 @ 8/31 (10am)
Volunteering opportunity for Health Communities now! RSVP at 213-808-1792
about 1 month
Labor Law Updates for Employers in 2017 (Free) 免費雇主勞工法資訊講座
Labor Law Updates for Employers: Minimum Wages & Sick Leave Calculation

Are you up to date on the recent changes of Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave policies? How does it impac t you as an employer? Do you have questions on the labor poster and employee handbook? Please join us for a FREE and informational seminar to hear about the updates from labor law attorney, Certified Public Accountant, & certified HR Generalist. You
will learn about real life examples, and get your questions answered! Language: English with Cantonese & Mandarin Translation Light refreshments will be provided
... Read more
about 1 month
Seashell Craft Workshop (Free) 免費貝殼手工製作坊 @ 8/26
Having fun to make your own seashell magnet with your kids at El Monte Library @ 8/26. RSVP @ 213-808-1720
about 1 month
Osteoporosis Workshop 預防和控制骨質疏鬆症講座
Learn what Osteoporosis is:
About 54 million Americans have osteoporosis and low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. Studies suggest that approximately one in two women and up to one in four men age 50 and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Join our workshop to learn more by calling 213-808-1792 now! ... Read more
about 2 months
Nonprofits Search for Asian-American Foster Parents to Fill Culture, Language Needs on
From"Nonprofits Search for Asian-American Foster Parents to Fill Culture, Language Needs!"
Visit her for more information: http:/ sian-american-foster-parents-fill-culture-language-needs-n785036?cid=eml_onsite
... Read more
about 2 months
Free Preventing & Managing Osteoporosis Workshop 預防和控制骨質疏鬆症講座 @ 7/28
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