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Let's work together to make Monterey Park a better community for everyone! 

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almost 5 years
Read this if your are planning on celebrating with fireworks this July 4th!
Discharge of "Sane and Safe" Fireworks are limited to July 4t from 8AM to 10PM.
M.P.M.C.5.48.120 (B)

Due to extreme fire danger in California, the Monterey Park Fire Departmernt requests that you use "Safe and Sane" fireworks in a responsible manner.
- DO NOT ALTER "Safe and Sane" fireworks
- NO NOT USE illegal fireworks
- SUPERVISE children at all times

Failure to comply may result in a citation or a fine of $500 to $1000 per M.P.M.C.5.48.190
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almost 5 years
How to cool down with Chinese herbs
It's a privilege that Monterey Park has so many traditional Chinese herbal stores. When you first step in, the weird objects in jars and uncanny smells might be overwhelming but I assure that you it i s not as scary as you think it is. Ask questions because many of the store owners know English or have English-speaking employees who would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Besides the obvious benefits of herbal tea, did you know that some herbal teas can also help rid your body of excess heat? Teas made with Chrysanthemum, Chamomile and Jujube are not only good at soothing a cough or dry throat, but if drunken on a hot summer's day can help your body to cope with the heat.

Find your local Chinese herbal stores now on the MPK Today611 app by typing "Herbal" in the search bar!

If not, head down to Monterey Park's Kung Fu Soy for some ice cold dessert! Kung Fu Soy's soy dessert called the WuDang #1 that has a variety of herbs that will satisfy that sweet tooth and beat the heat this weekend with a refreshing kick!
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almost 5 years
What are you up to this summer?
Summer is a great time because there is a lot of sunshine, school's out and everyone is at the park enjoying the outdoors. This summer, challenge yourself to do something local in Monterey Park. There is no need to put yourself through the torture of driving all over Los Angeles when you can find everything you need in Monterey Park! This way, you can also be sure that your tax dollars will be used in the city you live in too!

Want to learn something new?
- Check out Amy Art Studio or US Taekwondo Center to learn some new skills!

Need something to do?
- Look through the Events Tab for local events. The library has a ton of great events coming up like Manga Club, movie nights and origami making.

Need a summer job?
- Look through the Job Opportunities tab for a list of job listing in Monterey Park!

Did you know that Monterey Park's restaurants offers over 10,000 dishes? Don't forget to try a new dish this summer too! Keep up with Monterey Park and check back for more ideas on how to spend your summer locally!
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almost 5 years
Happy Memorial Day!
We would like to take this moment to thank everyone in the US Armed Forces and their families who sacrificed to fight for our way of live and to keep our country safe.

We would also like to remembe r those who have given their lives fighting for what they love and believed in.

In memory of many, in honor of all
Thank you.

There are many thing you can do in Monterey Park today with your family. Check out our featured slides and support your local Buena Park businesses! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!
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almost 5 years
5 things you did not know about Monterey Park's new Mayor, Mitchell Ing.
Mitchell Ing will serve his term as the new Mayor of Monterey Park after his installation tomorrow (5/25)!

1. He grew up in Canada and used to be a bus boy at his parents' restaurant.
2. He has an MBA in Finance.
3. Before he ran for Coucil, he served as an elected City Treasurer for 6 years.
4. He provided 92 $500 scholarships to Mark Keppel, Schurr, & Garfield high school graduating seniors.
5.He has a Black Belt in Hapkido and trains in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

"It doesn't matter what title you have in front of your name; it doesn't matter what title you have after your name; it doesn't matter how many certificates you have hanging in your office wall; that we should never think that we're too proud to do the work that our parents or grandparents did when they first came to this country." -Mitchell Ing, 2009

Watch his speech during his installation in 2009 to learn more about his family background, how he considers himself an activist and why he is proud of Monterey Park.
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almost 5 years
🚲 It's National Bike to Work Day today! 🚲
Get those legs moving Monterey Park!

What better way to get to work than by increasing your energy levels, reducing emissions, and getting a work out in one activity!?

If you can’t bike to work than here are three (3) things you can do to celebrate:
1. Bike after work! (trust us, it still counts)
2. Visit your local bike shop and take one for a spin (they’ll like that)
3. Take a video of yourself biking and tag us on social media (#MPKToday611 , @Today611)
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almost 5 years
It's International Museum Day!
Today is the day when people around the world take time to visit their favorite collections of culture!

You’re for quite a treat in MPK, because out city has three great locations to see. Choose fr om the ‘Enchanted Treasure of Monterey Park’, El Encanto; the aesthetic expressions of the Vincent Price Art Museum; or watch the stars at the Garvey Ranch Observatory!

Simply search the app for location and visiting hours.
1. Tell the docent inside that you found them on MPK Today611 (they’ll like that)
2. Take a moment of yourself in new setting (because why not)
3. Share your experience with a friend! (use #MPKToday611)
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about 5 years
Eat What You Want!
What do you want to eat today!? Oh really...that's great! I'm so glad you didn't mention your 'cheat day' from your diet because today is National Eat What You Want Day!

Let me tell you, there are plenty of delights here in Monterey Park!
Simply click on the 'Eat@MPK' section for a buffet of eateries in town, you won't be disappointed!

1. Tell the business owner you found them on MPK Today611 (they'll like that)
2. Take a Moment of yourself eating what you want (because why not )
3. Share your experience with a friend! (sharing food is true friendship!)

Bon Appetite!
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about 5 years


微信号:MPKToday611 或扫描二维码

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about 5 years
It's National Crab Day!
Hey everyone! Did you know that today is National Crab Day? No?!? Well now you do now!
To celebrate this most randomist of holidays, here are 5 random facts about crabs.

1). Male and female crab s can be distinguished by looking at their abdomens. In most male crabs, the form of the abdomen (pleon) is narrow and triangular, while the females have a broader, rounder abdomen. Additionally, female crabs have smaller claws than male crabs

2). A group of crabs is called a cast.

3). Humans eat about 1.5 million tons of crab every year. Crabs make up 1/5 of all creatures that are caught from bodies of water around the world.

4). Crab meat is very high in vitamin B12. Just 2–3 ounces of crab meat will supply an adult with the daily B12 requirement.

5). The Japanese Blue Crab or the Horse crab is the most consumed crab in the world.
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