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The Community and Economic Development Department has, as its mission, to maintain the city's physical environment  through the effective and efficient use of the city's legislative mandates, including maintaining the General Plan, zoning, building, and property maintenance codes, which provide a solid foundation for an excellent quality of life for the residents of Monterey Park. 


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about 5 years
Illegal Boarding Houses
There has been an increase in the number of complaints
from the community regarding illegal boarding houses,
rooming houses and what some people may refer to as a
residential motel. Individuals hav e taken single-family homes,
condominiums and apartment units and converted them into a
commercial enterprise whereby individuals rent a room or a
place on the floor for overnight lodging. In most cases, there
are many individuals residing under one roof far exceeding
the number of people legally allowed to reside in a residential
building. These short-term tenants may only stay for one night,
a week, or even a few months and have little interest in the
community or the welfare of its residents as these transient
tenants do not participate in local government and community
organizations that strengthen the city.

Due to overcrowding and health and safety concerns
associated with illegal boarding houses, the City Council
directed staff to prepare a code amendment to the Monterey
Park Municipal Code that better defines what constitutes a
Boarding House:

• Does not allow the establishment of a Boarding House in a
single-family residential neighborhood;

• Only allows the establishment of a Boarding House in the
multi-family residential areas of the city with the approval of
a special permit referred to as a conditional use permit;

• Limits the number of bedrooms or sleeping rooms that may
be rented to leased in a residential building;

• The enforcement action related to an illegal boarding house
may be prosecuted as an infraction or misdemeanor at the
City Attorney’s discreation;

• Any person (e.g., tenant, renter, lessee) may bring an action
for injunction relief against the lessor and may file to recover
actual damages against those individuals(s) (i.e., lessor);


• Updates other parts of the Monterey Park Municipal Code
to preserve the residential character of neighborhoods
throughout the city.

Please contact the Community and Economic Development
Department at 626-307-1415 if you have any questions
regarding the new ordinance or wish to file a complaint on a
prospective illegal boarding house.
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